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Farho XPU04 Xana Plus Ultra 04 elements 660W Low Consumption Smart Wi-Fi Radiator

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Farho XPU04 Xana Plus Ultra 04 elements 660W Low Consumption Smart Wi-Fi Radiator

Product Description:

This 660W XP Ultra model by Farho is a low consumption radiator. It provides users with the reliability of an experienced radiator which is domotizable and can be controlled with your smartphone. It is the ideal solution for most households. Perfect balance between quality, price and performance.

Details of the 660W Farho XP Ultra Radiator:

  • Domotic radiator for a total control*
  • Domotizable digital thermostat that allows for daily and weekly scheduling with up to 6 time bands for each day independently.
  • Maximum heat emission per element
  • Management of consumption and power limits *.
  • BOOST function. Maximum power output for 2 hours to accelerate temperature.
  • Geolocation *.
  • Compatible withAlexa *.
  • Non-illuminated switch
  • Wall-mounting bracket kit included so it can be hung on the wall.
  • It is controlled with the App Farho just with WiFi*
  • Single 5-year battery to save time and scheduling.
  • 660W power - 166 W per element.
  • Paired elements: 4 elements
  • Die-cast aluminium chassis, inalterable to time and corrosion
  • Installation template included. Easy installation. Easy installation.
  • 1.40m supply cord with plug
  • Portable and optional castors (sold separately)
*Features available with MI. (Internet Module)** Sold separately. *** 15 years of warranty ***  
Manufactured in Spain with invention patent protection. A product which debunks the myth of the high energy cost of electric heating systems existing up to date.

Farho Heating Catalogue:

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