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Farho XP07 Xana Plus 07 elements 770W Low Consumption Smart Wi-Fi Radiator

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Farho XP07 Xana Plus 07 elements 770W Low Consumption Smart Wi-Fi Radiator

Product Description:

770W Farho XP (7 elements). Low consumption radiator. It is the ideal solution for most households, since it allows you to control the temperature by means of a mobile phone / tablet from any place with the aid of its domotic system and our freeApp.

Details of the 770W Farho XP Radiator:

  • Digital Domotizable thermostat that allows for daily and weekly scheduling with up to 6 time bands for each day independently.
  • Single 5-year battery to save time and scheduling.
  • 770 W power - 110 W per element .
  • • Odd elements: 7 elements.
  • Maximum heat performance with minimal energy consumption.
  • Non-illuminated general cut-off switch
  • Safety heat limiter.
  • Double lateral end panel.
  • Double probe: Electronic and NTC.
  • Installation template included. Easy installation. Easy installation.
  • 1.40m supply cord with plug
  • Portable and optional castors(sold separately)
  • Wall-mounting bracket kit included so it can be hung on the wall.
  • It is controlled with the App Farho only with WiFi*
  • Die-cast aluminium chassis with white Epoxi finish, inalterable to time and corrosion
  • 1” armoured electric resistance, built with an AISI-3 stainless steel pipe of low consumption and maximum heating performance.
  • High-temperature FARHOIL fluid, resistance from -40ºC to 330ºC. High thermal High thermal conductivity and low stream pressure. Developed especially with the aim of achieving the greatest possible performance of FARHO radiators.
  • Compatible with Alexa. *
  • Geolocation.
  • BOOST function. Allows you to activate it at the maximum power output for 2 hours.
*Features available with MI. (Internet Module)** Sold separately. *** 15 years of warranty ***  
Manufactured in Spain with invention patent protection. A product which debunks the myth of the high energy cost of electric heating systems existing up to date.

Data Sheet:

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Instruction Manual:

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Farho Heating Catalogue:

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