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Electrorad VA750 Vanguard Electric Radiator 750W 0.75kW

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Electrorad VA750 Vanguard Electric Radiator 750W 0.75kW

The Vanguard range is manufactured using Aluminium for lightness and for a fast heat transfer to the radiant surface area. The radiators are manufactured using the very latest technologies and components available. The digital electronic thermostats are highly accurate ensuring optimum comfort and economy. Vanguard radiators are certified to the highest standards of certification for safety and quality control. Internally, the radiators have a ceramic core. Ceramic is a material with fantastic heat conduction and heat retention properties. There are no fluids inside, meaning a lifetime guarantee that there will be no leaks.
Energy Saving

  • Highly accurate digital electronic thermostat
  • 7 day/24hr programming function
  • Open window sensing - stops heating if a window is opened
  • Adaptive start function - learns the optimum time to switch on
  • Geolocation function - switches on/off based on distance from property
The built in digital electronic thermostat and 24hr/7 day programming system is sited on the top of the radiator for easy programming access. The room air temperature is sensed below the radiator where the air is coldest. The thermostat accuracy is +/- 0.2°C. There are 9 factory pre-set programs to suit most lifestyles and a user programming option to use if the pre-set programs are not suitable. Each hour of the day can be set to comfort or economy allowing complete control of the individual room temperatures and energy usage.


  • Dimensions: 575mm height x 415mm length x 95mm depth
  • Ceramic radiator with high thermal inertia, able to continue emitting heat for a long period of time even after being off.
  • Ceramic Block with heating element and double thermal isolation Class II, thin and light.
  • Made with natural and eco friendly materials
  • 9.5 cm with, which ensures it integrates into any decor.
  • Uniform temperature distribution over the surface.
  • Top quality injected aluminium body means a light and strong product.
  • Side panels in injected polyamide with internal reinforcements.
  • Durable epoxy powder RAL 9010.• Silent operation: digital regulation with Triac control.

Digital Programmable Control placed on the top (visibility and more accessible) with the following functions:

  • Proportional Regulating System (PID) for very accurate temperature control.
  • Intelligent Control System (ITCS), the radiator learns the heat up characteristics of the property and turns on at the right time to give the comfort required.
  • Programmable from the equipment (weekly programming, 9 preset programs and 4 customs).
  • Energy consumption meter (last 24h, 7 days, 30 days).
  • Comfort, economy and frost protection Modes.
  • Easy use function.
  • Reduced surface temperature function.
  • LCD screen.
  • Open Window function.
  • Pilot wire.
  • Security Thermal Control.
  • Voltage 220-240 V. Frequency 50-60 Hz.
  • 1.2m cable with UK Plug.
  • Power Switch on/off.
  • Class 1.

Instruction Manual:

Click Here for Instruction Manual