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Kewtech KT66ET Kit with KT66DL 12in1 MFT & ACCESKIT (Earth Spikes & Leads)

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Kewtech KT66ET Kit with KT66DL 12in1 MFT & ACCESKIT (Earth Spikes & Leads)

Make full use of the KT66DLs functions with the earth spike kit for earth resistance testing


  • The KT66DL is a powerful multifunction tester designed specifically for the UK. It has special loop circuits for when conducting Zs readings at EV charging points as well as a 25 A high current test which enables a 50 kA PSC range. It also has a low current 2 wire test which is ideal for lighting circuits protected by an RCD.
  • The KT66ET kit includes earth spikes which is needed for the earth resistance function, of which there is a growing requirement in the UK.


  • KT66DL advanced MFT complete with Earth spike kit for  testing earthing electrodes / spikes
  • High current loop options with 6A & 25 A test  currents giving 0.01 and 0.001 Ω resolution
  • Low current, no trip, 2 or 3 wire loop options meaning that you can also at lighting points where no neutral exists
  • Tests EV charging points with type B, type EV RCDs and 6ma RDCDs capability, as well as two EV loop options specifically for the UK
  • Comprehensive RCD function: AC, ACS, A, AS, F, B. BS, EV & 6mA RDCD
  • Insulation: 4 test voltages, resistance bar graph &  DAR / PI functionality
  • SPD testing with both DC & AC breakdown voltage displayed, 1000V range
  • Dual display of PFC / PSC with a PFC range of 50KA
  • Earth resistance for TT and independent earthing systems like foundation earthing
  • Phase rotation with clear indication and L1-L2, L2-L3 & L3-L1 voltage displayed  simultaneously
  • Voltage function with simultaneous L-PE, LN & N-PE values displayed
  • Selectable Max Zs tables with all UK overcurrent devices included, provides pass or fail indication
  • PAT testing feature with memory and download

Included In The Box

  • 1 Pair Earth spikes
  • 1 set of lest leads 1x Red 20 m 1 x Yellow 10 m 1 x Green 5 m (ACC7095)

Instruction Manual:

Click Here for Instruction Manual

Data Sheet:

Click Here for KT66DL Data Sheet

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