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Blauberg TURBO-E with Timer Fan, Duct & Grille Kit - 100mm

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Blauberg TURBO-E with Timer Fan, Duct & Grille Kit - 100mm

Product Description
We have taken our best selling high performance bathroom extractor fan and added all the items you need for a extractor system in one simple kit. Ideal where good performance is needed for power showers, high condensation, mould and damp rooms.

  • High power extractor fan that fits Standard 100 mm or 4 " solid or flexible ducting.
  • Use for extracting air from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms and utility rooms.
  • Up to 187 m3/hour extract airflow rate with a high pressure mixed flow impeller.
  • German Blauberg long life 240 V mains voltage 25 W motor. 32 dBA sound level at 3 m distance.
  • Requires a live, switched live and neutral electrical connection. This is normally supplied from your household electrical lighting circuits.
  • At the heart of the bathroom fan kit is a Turbo-E mixed flow domestic in-line fan.
  • 100mm (4") connections to fit the ducting supplied.
  • Will move up to 187 m3/hour (52 l/s) of air with a noise level of no more than 32 dB(A) @ 3m.
  • Supplied with an adjustable run-on timer (requires live, neutral and switched live electrical connections)
  • Fitted with a German Blauberg low energy, efficient 7.5w motor.
  • 5 Year Blauberg warranty.
  • High quality PVC ducting.
  • Fits over the internal ceiling mounted vent, Turbo extractor fan and external wall grille. Then secured using the cir clips provided.
Internal Ceiling Vent Diffuser:
  • Easy to retrofit ceiling mounted diffuser vent.
  • Supplied with white bezel ceiling vent.
  • Mini multi cone construction to reduce drafts and cold spots.

External Wall Vent:

  • A fixed blade, louvered wall vent with removable core for easy cleaning.
  • Fitted with an insect mesh.
  • Finished in white.
Great for:
  • Domestic, commercial & industrial extract or supply ventilation systems.
  • Bathrooms, toilets, wet rooms that require a run on timer.
  • Medium length duct runs.
  • Where low and high speed settings are required.
  • Easy access and maintenance is required.

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