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Farho ECORU06 Eco R Ultra 06 elements 1000W Low Consumption Radiator, Analogue and Portable

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Farho ECORU06 Eco R Ultra 06 elements 1000W Low Consumption Radiator, Analogue and Portable

Product Description:

This new 1000W Eco-R-Ultra model by Farho combines all our brand’s quality features, with an ideal analogue operation for those looking for a quick and user-friendly operation.

Details of the 1000W Farho Eco-R-Ultra Radiator:

        • Analogue thermostat with an on/off switch for an easier and quicker operation
        • Snap switch, ambient thermostat.
        • Manual control of temperature with the aid of a wheel to raise or lower the temperature.
        • Long-lasting radiator, thanks to its excellent strength, fidelity and simplicity.
        • Complying with the new European ECO-System regulations.
        • Illuminated Switch.
        • Safety heat limiter.
        • New European aluminium of better performance protected with a patent.
        • Maximum heat emission per element
        • • 1000W power – 166W per element
        • Paired elements: 6 elements
        • Installation template included. Easy installation. With this easy installation, it does not need any professional workforce.
        • 1,40m supply cord with plug
        • FARHOIL thermal fluid, exclusive for Farho. Shell.
        • Portable. equipped with castors for greater mobility (included!)
      • *** 15 years of warranty ***
    • Manufactured in Spain with invention patent protection. A product which debunks the myth of the high energy cost of electric heating systems existing up to date.
    • Register your warranty.

Data Sheet:

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Farho Heating Catalogue:

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