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BG Fortress CFUFS100 100A Fused Switch 1P+N Complete with 100A,80A & 63A Fuses

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BG Fortress CFUFS100 100A Fused Switch 1P+N Complete with 100A,80A & 63A Fuses

The Fortress circuit protection range from BG is about to launch its most extensive upgrade yet, with the latest improvements dovetailing the new guidelines around the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, Amendment 2.
These improvements have been made with the help of trusted installers working with our product development experts to help meet these regulation changes, with the aim of helping the installer complete their installations as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Strengthened lid and base for easier installation
New lid and base
The new lid has been redesigned to add strength and rigidity whilst ensuring an accurate and secure fit with the base. The base itself has also been beefed up, additional strengthening ribs on the top and bottom faces, to ensure the base is rock solid when being secured.
Redesigned aperture and lid retainer
A step-down aperture has been added to improve the fit around the devices and blanks when fitting the cover. What's more, a new and convenient lid retainer allows the lid to be held open. This simple solution is a significant change when finishing an install, or checking the board, leaving both hands free to access the devices.
Redesigned knockouts for easier installation
Optimised positioning
Based on feedback, knockout positions have been realigned on the top and bottom of the base. Why is this better? This change enables the incoming wires to be in line with the offset incomer, making installation easier and termination of the cables more straightforward. This helps to minimise stress on the cable, termination DIN rail, and devices.
Reduced contact points
Making removal easier and protecting the board against damage during this process. For our recessed variants, we have added additional knockouts to the top and the rear, for easier cable entry/exit.

Fuse Switch Enclosure


  • Can be used for safe isolation of the incoming electrical supply, and as a midpoint isolation unit if the Consumer Unit is more than 3m away from the intake fuse position. Comes with 100A, 80A & 63A fuses.

Fortress Circuit Protection Range Leaflet:

Click Here for Circuit Protection Range Leaflet

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