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FuseBox ARCDLKTPN 4P RCD Link Kit for TPN

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FuseBox ABEC TPN Busbar End Caps (30pcs)

Product Description

Introducing the revolutionary FuseBox ARCDLKTPN 4 Pole TPN RCD Link Fitting Kit – your ultimate solution for enhanced electrical safety. Elevate your circuit protection with this cutting-edge kit that ensures not just compliance, but true peace of mind.
Say goodbye to the days of cumbersome installations. With our FuseBox ARCDLKTPN Kit, fitting a 4 Pole TPN RCD link has never been simpler. Designed with precision, this kit enables seamless installation, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency. Your circuits will be up and running in no time!
Worried about compatibility? Don't be. This fitting kit adapts effortlessly to your existing system, enhancing its protective capabilities without causing disruptions. This means a safer electrical environment without the hassle of major overhauls.
What sets our FuseBox ARCDLKTPN Kit apart is its robust four-pole design. Unlike traditional single-pole solutions, our kit offers enhanced protection across all phases, safeguarding both equipment and personnel from electrical faults. No more compromises when it comes to safety.
But it doesn't stop there. This kit not only fortifies your circuitry but also optimizes its performance. Experience uninterrupted power flow, reduced tripping instances, and heightened load management – all essential for any modern setup.
Invest in the future of electrical safety with the FuseBox ARCDLKTPN 4 Pole TPN RCD Link Fitting Kit. Make a choice that combines seamless installation, universal compatibility, and unparalleled protection. Elevate your circuit protection game today.


  • Effortless installation process.
  • Universal compatibility with existing systems.
  • Robust four-pole design for comprehensive protection.
  • Optimized circuit performance for uninterrupted power flow.
  • Modern solution for modern electrical demands.
  • Upgrade your circuit protection today! Embrace the future of safety by getting your FuseBox ARCDLKTPN Kit now. Safeguard what truly matters.

FuseBox TPN Distribution Boards Brochure:

Click Here for FuseBox TPN Distribution Boards Brochure

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